Organic Golden Turmeric Paste Kit

– make your own super potent turmeric paste by adding coconut oil and water!

If you already use turmeric for its countless health benefits, you'll really love this versatile Organic Golden Turmeric Paste Kit. Just add coconut oil and water to make your own nutrient-rich turmeric paste (see video below) which has a multitude of uses for your health.


Turmeric paste has all the benefits of turmeric powder, with the added benefit of increased bio-availability thanks to the black pepper.

Black Pepper
Extra virgin coconut oil

Watch the video below for instructions!

Organic Golden Turmeric Paste Recipe

Why choose turmeric?

  • This spice has been used in traditional medicine for over 4000 years.
  • It is named “The Queen of Spices”, not just for its amazing taste, but also for its unparalleled health benefits.
  • In recent years, turmeric has become one of the most studied functional spices – numerous studies have proven its efficacy
  • Organic turmeric is packed with vitamins and nutrients: vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, potassium and other phytonutrients
  • Turmeric is brimming with antioxidants – it is 5 to 8 times more potent than vitamins E and C and 3 times more potent than pine bark extract or grape seed
  • Organic turmeric supports healthy, normal brain and cardiac health*
  • Turmeric also supports joint and digestive health*

The health benefits of turmeric are so extensive that modern science has only begun to discover them. To read more about this topic, check out these two science-backed articles here and here.

Why you should choose our Organic Golden Turmeric Paste Kit

  • It is a high bioavailability recipe combining turmeric with black pepper
  • Our Organic Golden Turmeric Paste Kit retains nearly all natural active ingredients, minerals and nutrients found in turmeric
  • 100% certified organic turmeric
  • Free of fillers, artificial sweeteners and additives
  • GMO-free, organic and kosher-certified
  • Tested in my internationally-accredited laboratory and found to be extremely low in heavy metals and bacteria

10 easy and awesome ways to use

Organic Golden Turmeric Paste

Use it as is:

Mix it with honey:

Golden milk:

If you enjoy the taste of turmeric, you can simply consume small quantities two or three times a day, before or in-between meals

there’s no complicated recipe here, just add as much honey as you like to your Organic Golden Turmeric Paste. Use organic honey to enhance turmeric’s health benefits.

this is a very popular drink in Asia -- add a little Organic Golden Turmeric Paste to your warm milk and drink up! Ideally, consume this before bed time.

Make a super-tasty salad dressing:

Add it to curries:

Add it to rice:

Add it to smoothies: 

add a bit of Organic Golden Turmeric Paste to your favorite dressing; it won’t change the taste much, but it will definitely increase your phytonutrient intake!

a small quantity of turmeric paste in your smoothie makes a great way to start your day with a boost of energy (the Health Ranger adds a heaping spoon of turmeric to his daily avocado cacao smoothie).

this is turmeric’s primary use. Due to its all-natural ingredients, Organic Golden Turmeric Paste enhances both the taste and the nutrient content of any curry.

cook the rice and, while it’s still warm, add Organic Golden Turmeric Paste. It will give your rice a subtle, exotic aroma

Add it to dry fruits:

Make turmeric tea:

 Add it to soups:

put your favorite dry fruits in a frying pan, add coconut oil and Organic Golden Turmeric Paste and enjoy this delicious and healthy snack!

add Organic Golden Turmeric Paste and organic honey (optional) to a warm cup of water or green tea. Enjoy this exotic beverage that was enjoyed by the kings of antiquity

a small quantity of Organic Golden Turmeric Paste does not change the taste of your soup, but it vastly increases your nutrient intake!

Bonus tip: You can increase the absorption efficiency of Organic Golden Turmeric Paste by taking it with a pinch of organic black pepper. The phytonutrients in black pepper increase the absorbability of all plant-based supplements.

The Health Ranger Guarantee

Health Ranger Guantee

“After discovering the extraordinary range of turmeric’s health benefits, I added this to my list of top-recommended supplements of all time. Our Organic Golden Turmeric Paste Kit is the CLEANEST, purest and most potent turmeric product you can currently find on the market. Nothing else has been scrutinized and tested as exhaustively as our products.”

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

Black Pepper
Extra virgin coconut oil

Get our Organic Golden Turmeric Paste Kit NOW! Enjoy the all-natural aroma of The Queen of Spices, along with its remarkable health supporting properties.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.